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Are you really safe at the larger companies ……

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Big companies dont provide the safety net you think .... unless you like losing money


.With all the layoffs at Amazon, Salesforce, Pega, Google, and others.

Salespeople especially need to realize big companies are not the safe places you think they are.

Daily I’m hearing from top productive reps and executives (Presidents club qualifiers) who are being let go from large public companies.
– Whether its Politics,
– Lack of pipeline (because you just had your accounts shifted,)
– Your salary or w2 was too high and didn’t fit the new bands

All in all large public companies dont reward loyalty and in general dont care about you. Especially not in a softening market.

By staying at IBM, or Salesforce, or the like for 5+ years. You are actually costing yourself money. If you’re an average producer barely or rarely hitting quota then by all means stay hidden and collect your $200-300k.

If you are a top 10% producer then what are you doing wasting away at the large established companies?

Let’s not forget, most are getting:
Zero to minimal base raise,
No increase in OTE, Yet the quota has gone up while the
territory changed and/ or your account list shrunk. Which generally adds up to a pay cut.. ( Thanks for your loyalty)

If you are a real hunter/producer who can sell value and dont need to rely on a big company name then you owe it to yourself to find a well-run, well-managed growth company.

Everything has risk but with risk comes reward. Even if you stay in the big company world, STOP believing your company needs you or that you are invaluable.

Risk Nothing, Risk Everything
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